Monday, December 4, 2017

LumberSexual ?

What is a lumbersexual one may ask?  The answer to that questions can be very hard to answer.  From his skinny jeans, to his red flannel shirts and his perfectly groomed hair and beard, the lumbersexual is a hip male that has transcended beyond his former type:  the metrosexual.  The lumbersexual is always a very handsome, muscular figment that portrays a “get your hands dirty” type of gentleman that has been plucked straight from the Alaskan bush.   However, he would rather drink craft beers, $8 lattes, and never be found without the latest and greatest technology—from the iPhone to the electric car.   This gentlemen is truly an enigma.  

So if you stepped into a lumbersexuals front yard, how would his lawn look and what would he be doing?  Check out the infographic below from GreenPal to take you through a casual Saturday as the lumbersexual performs his lawn care duties.  

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


2017 Summer Recap Of the Code Green Program
As we transition into the fall and winter programming seasons we wanted to take some time to highlight a LIT Summer for making our communities healthier.  The Green Scheme successfully implemented its Code Green Program in six different locations across DC, Maryland and VA. The Green Scheme was able to service 1301 youth in our Code Green summer camps and extended day programs.
This summer The Green Scheme partnered with DPR (Department of Parks and Recs) to implement a summer camp and tour at the Lederer Garden which is located in Ward 7 on Nannie Helen Burroughs Ave NE Washington DC. The garden has over 40 raised beds, commercial green house, composting stations, fruit trees, rain barrels and a bee hive on site. We are able to service 300 youth and 60 consolers from varies DPR camps.

For the past 4 years The Green Scheme has implemented a summer camp extended day Code Green Program in Lincoln Heights Community at their Family Enhancement Center. We continued this tradition and was able to service 360 youth and provide jobs/training community members to help assist with the program.

We received a great opportunity to partner with DOEE (Department Of Energy and Environment) to provide technical assistances and training to their summer youth works and staff. We implemented a four part social impact and entrepreneur based workshops to 20 teens and their staff in the month of July at McKinley Tech High School in NE Washington DC.
This summer we partnered with Lee Montessori Public Charter School to do an environmental summer camp three days a week. Lee is located in the Brookland community across from Catholic University in NE Washington DC.  We are happy to say we serviced 540 youth and provided technical assistance and staff training as well six environmentally focused field trips throughout the summer.

Finally The Green Scheme has a garden location in PG county partnering with the Glenarden Woods Community this summer to build and implement our Code Green Program.  36 youth from the local community were able to participate in the program this summer.  Glenarden Woods is located off MLK Ave across from Glenarden Baptist Church.

Lastly The Green Scheme partnered with Discovery Elementary located in Arlington VA in a three part garden to table experience in the month of July. 45 youth and 10 teachers participated in our Code Green program making custom dishes and drinks straight from their garden.

Building Healthier Communities One Student At A Time

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Don't Scratch That Itch

If you have never felt the wrath of an allergic reaction caused by Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, or Poison Sumac, you are in luck.  Since most of the world’s population is allergic to the urushiol oil-the organic compound found in theses plants that causes the allergic reaction-its normally just a matter of time before someone feels the redness, itching, or even blistering caused by coming into contact with these plants. 

What’s even scarier is that these plants can be hiding in your garden, on your trees, or even growing on your home.  These poisonous plants can be hard to identify, even harder to remove, and stay potent and infect you year around. 

What is the best way to make sure you are not infected?  Identification of these plants is key.  Knowing not what to touch or rub against will certainly alleviate the endless scratching associated with infections from these plants.  “Longer middle stem, stay away from them, Leaves of 3, let them be, or side leaflets like mittens, will itch like the dickens” are all silly reminders to keep in mind when making possible contact.  

If you are infected, remove all clothes that were worn at that time and take a cold shower immediately.  This will reduce the chances of an allergic reaction as the urushiol oil takes 24/48 hours to attack the skin.  Also, this oil can remain on garments for months and still be contagious so making sure those are cleaned is paramount.  

If its too late and the itching has already commenced, avoid scratching the infected areas at all costs.  Find a hydro cortisone cream or calamine lotion to help reduce the itching of the rash.  If none of these are available, they using a cold compress until these medicines can be administered. 

So on your next trip to the garden or your next stroll through the woods, keep this info graphic in mind if you should be so lucky as to come into contact with any puzzling plant or green.  You may just avoid an itching, annoying predicament.  

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Evolution Of

Changing our health means ensuring conditions where everyone has the opportunity to be healthy. We all have a role to play, and with that thought The Green Fact Of The Day was born. Started by Deputy Director of The Green Scheme, Jerome Nesbitt as a way to foster more interaction with The Green Scheme and its followers. Working closely with The Department Of Health and other informational organizations our team identified that much of the messaging targeted to urban communities was not relatable or digestible. The thought was to build a social outlet and platform that could provide digestible relevant content to followers and piers about environmental issues.  The Green Scheme address topics that are relative to their everyday lifestyles and provides information from which can be used to improve it. Topics range from home remedies that can be used to address the common cold to food deserts issues that plague Wards 5,7, and 8. The first ever Green Fact was posted March 23, 2016 with a total of 15 Likes over IG and Face Book and since that time The Green Facts are posted every Monday –Friday between 7:30-8:30am with an average of 100 Likes and comments over those same platforms.  The Green Facts have even expanded to give other individuals and organizations a voice to deliver their messages as well. Recently The Green Scheme has partnered with WPFW 89.3 Jazz and Justice Station to air The Green Fact every day several times a day, which has expanded its reach and influences.  The Green Scheme looks to continue to expand its reach of The Green Facts threw TV ads and print both which are currently being discussed. We would also like to extend an invitation to for more individuals and organizations to use this platform to foster better health across all walks of life all interested parties should contact The Green Scheme at  


Saturday, April 1, 2017

Call To Action

 Girls Gone Green 

Women are an integral component in the environmental sustainability and health movement that is gaining momentum across the globe. This spring, The Green Scheme is starting a women’s group “Girls Gone Green” that will be geared towards bringing women together from across the District to discuss the current health climate that children, families and women face in today’s society. We will be providing a communal space in which women can learn from one another’s experiences and use their stories and backgrounds to enhance the communal space that we will be providing. Through education, environmental/health stewardship training and leadership opportunities, our hope is to make sure every women in the DMV has the access and space to be environmental leaders in their own communities. Women’s empowerment is important to The Green Scheme because we believe that when women are doing well and are granted equal access and opportunity in their communities, communities thrive and change for the better. Green Scheme’s Director of Education Quiana Newby will be working closely with our President and Deputy Director Ronnie Webb and Jerome Nesbitt to engage with women across the District in order to empower communities in a diverse social setting. We are writing a call of action to get as many women involved in our urban agriculture movement! If you are interested in learning how to garden, cooking/baking healthy food options, learning about urban agriculture, having conversations about women’s empowerment and seeking a community of women with similar goals and ideas, please contact We will continue to update our site with information regarding the “Girls Gone Green” Women’s Group but please feel free to reach out to our group for dates, times, etc. For more information about The Green Scheme and our future programs follow us on Facebook and Instagram @TheGreenScheme. 

 #WeMakeGreenCool #TheNewCool #GGG

-The Green Scheme Team 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Spring 2017 with The Green Scheme...

 Green Scheme is gearing up for a really exciting spring here in the District! Over the next few months our team will be collaborating with various groups and organizations to prepare for the city’s biggest event of the year: Broccoli City.  In the coming weeks we will be propagating seeds, participating in and leading community clean ups, garden builds, and guiding the maintenance of the different sites we work on within the District. Our team is going to be very busy over the next few months and we would love to see more community members come out and support the health and environmental justice movement! Here are a few upcoming opportunities for members throughout the DC Metro Area to get more involved with the movement:

March 18, 2017: Volunteers needed for Nats Stadium Garden project (9am-1pm) Contact:
March 25, 2017: Volunteers needed for garden build at Paradise     (11 am- 1pm) Contact:
April 8, 2017: Volunteers needed for garden build at Project Eden (Time TBA) Contact:
April 22, 2017: Volunteers needed for the Words, Beats and Life’s Community Clean Up (8am- 12pm) This is not a Green Scheme event but we will be involved in the event. Contact Green Scheme or Words, Beats and Life for more information!
April 29, 2017: Volunteers needed for the Brocooli City 5k at Anacostia Park. This is not a Green Scheme event, but if you have questions please contact Green Scheme or District Running Collective for more information
May 5, 2017: Volunteers needed for garden build, youth health fair and YMCA refresh at the Capital View YMCA (10am- 2pm) Contact:  
We are hopeful to see many of you come out and support our environmental justice and health initiative as we prepare for an eventful, energetic and successful spring with the Green Scheme!

                                                                        Broccoli City Festival 
As mentioned before, the largest health and environmental justice event of the year for the District is the Broccoli City Festival which aims to raise the attention of environmental sustainability and human health in urban communities. This year the event is featuring music artists Solange, Rae Sremmurd, 21 Savage, Lil Yahchty and many more talented stars. While the festival is on May 6, Broccoli City has so much more to offer in the District in addition to the Saturday concert! The festival events kick off on Saturday April 29 with the annual Broccoli City 5k at Anacostia Park. Green Scheme is looking for volunteers to help with the event as well as individuals who would like to participate in the 5k! Times will be announced within the next few weeks so please keep your eyes out for details from us on our blog in late March/early April. On Thursday May 4, Broccoli City will be hosting an art show called “BC All Night” which features emblematic, innovative and vocal expressions of music, art and wellness through the topics of health, sustainability, justice and social movements.  The festival will also allow for community members to get more involved in the health and environmental justice discussion that is gaining momentum in the DC area on May 5 at the Broccoli Conference. The conference will feature a panel of organizations and corporations such as Kellogg, Google DC,  and the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History that will explore and analyze the effects large organizations and corporations have on effecting the food justice movement in America. We encourage our DC community members to get out to this event to not only listen to the panel, but to vocalize their own experiences in this integral justice movement DC has taken on. Green Scheme will be at the events leading up to the festival on Saturday and we will also have a booth at the festival so please feel free to join us, come chat with our team and get more involved in our work and the mission of Broccoli City! For more information on the event please visit: Community members are encourage

2016 YMCA Cap View Garden Build with The Green Scheme and Broccoli City

 to come out and help environmental justice groups around the District prepare for Broccoli City in May! Please stay updated with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to learn more about how you can get involved with  festival preparations! Our team will continue updating the community through our blog with upcoming events linked to the festival, along with how you can get more involved with sustainable living, environmental justice and our mission to engage and empower our communities across the District! #WeMakeGreenCool
-The Green Scheme Team                   #TheNewCool